One type of planting to try out is companion planting. This is the practice of planting certain vegetables and herbs together because they are able to benefit each other in some way, such as weed control or pest control, and they can save space. For example, planning squashes, beans, and corn together can be this kind of planting or planting herbs in between rows of other plants can be a type of companion planting. Each of the plants are going to share a smaller space while helping each other out in the process, making you have more space in the garden while planting twice as much.

Another method that you can use is successive planting. With this you will grow one crop and then once that crop becomes more mature, you will plant another round in the same area. The mature plants will help to protect the younger ones as they grow, allowing you to get two crops in the same area and not having to wait as long to get that second crop.

Utilize your space

Every farm is going to be a bit different. You are going to have a backyard that is different than what others may be using. You need to look around your own space and see what you are able to do to save room without making things look to cluttered. You may find that the yard is already divided up in a way that makes gardening in one area easier than in another and some yards may just have to separate all of this out. Use what your yard has available and you will be just fine.




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