Goats can be a great substitute for cows on a mini farm. They may not be able to produce the same amount of meat and the same quality of milk, but they do well in both arenas on their own and can fit into the smaller space that your mini farm is going to require. Goats are really intelligent backyard creatures to have and they really like to be around other people, making them good companions if you have some kids around who would like to help out.

If you pick out a good doe, you should be able to expect a gallon or so of milk each day for the three to four pounds of grain along with a few pounds of hay. If you have a few goats in your farm, you should be able to produce enough milk to make the whole family happy. Goats milk is going to be similar to what you find with cows? milk with the added benefit if fewer allergens. If there is someone in your family who doesn?t do well with cows? milk, you may be surprised at how well they will do with goats? milk.

You can choose from a wide variety of goats to add to your farm, but make sure to check out the ones that are also good for meat. The chevon meat is some of the best that you and your family can enjoy. The hides from these animals are also amazing to make your own jackets, vests, and rugs among other garments.

While the goat can be a great way to make some of your own household items and can be pretty easy to take care of, there are some drawbacks. First, if you would like to get some milk from the goats, you are going to have to milk them two times each day, every day, for a period of ten months until the lactation period is done. This can be really hard for some people based on their other obligations and the goat may not be the best choice for them. You will also need to keep the goats penned in to one area to ensure they aren?t running around and getting out since they like to roam. Since the goats like to make a lot of noise, they usually aren?t going to work well for a mini farm that is in town.


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