Pigs can provide some wonderful meat for your family to enjoy and they often like to eat your leftovers, so feeding them can be easy. In fact, your pigs are going to enjoy having surplus eggs, roots, grains, garden greens and your kitchen scraps in order to grow into some delicious meat that you are sure to enjoy. They are even better than dogs at cleaning up all that mess that you don?t feel like taking care of when it comes to food waste.

Pigs are not going to need very much room and it is pretty easy to raise a couple within a pen that is just 16 square feet, as long as you start them in this area from an early age. If you are purchasing for your mini farm, you should consider purchasing the weanlings during the spring and then raising them throughout the summer to reach their market weight. With this method, you will not have to worry about the issues that come with newborn piglets and you can avoid the huge size and issues of those that reach over 400 pounds.

To take care of the pigs, you just need to make sure that you are keeping them well fed and watered, something that you are going to need to do twice each day. Clean out the manure as often as you need. Some people will just do it when the compost pile is getting a bit low but you can set up your own schedule to make sure it all works out properly.

Most pigs are not going to be able to jump over a fence that you put up, but they may try to find holes available in the bottom of the fence so make sure everything is in its proper places. Have the fence be sturdy and check it often for any holes or weak spots where the pigs may try to get out.

Pigs can be a little bit dirty and cause a little bit of noise, especially if they happen to get out of their pens. You may want to consider just keeping it down to one or two pigs around your home to start with, or wait until you have a little more space in order to invite these animals into the mini farm. Overall, they are pretty easy to take care of as long as you provide them with enough food, and the amount of meat you can get out of them is amazing.



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