The first thing that you will need to do to start with your mini farm is to plan it all out. Draw up a plan of your backyard or the area that you would like to use for your farm. You can take some time to watch the backyard, noticing which places get full sun, the parts that are in the shade part of the day, and then those that are going to be mostly shaded. These are going to make a big difference in where you place all of your plants.

Once you know where the sun is located in relation to your backyard, it is easier to plan out where you will put everything. You will be able to put the plants in an area that will get sun most of the day, and move a shed over to someplace that is shaded most of the day and wouldn?t be good for a garden. You may need to mess around with the plan a bit, but it?s much easier to do this on paper than out in real life.

With the right kind of planning, you are going to be able to fit so much in a small area. Many people who are considering going with mini farming worry that they just won?t have space to do more than just a small garden. But when you draw out the plans, you could have room for a small orchard, some chickens, a shed, and even a garden. Get some spray paint and outline the areas you will use for each part of the farm to see the visualization and to ensure everything goes where you would like. 

Also, while you are doing your planning, make sure to check out some of the city ordinances. One difficult part about planning a mini farm in your backyard is that some city ordinances are not going to look fondly on some things like goats, chickens, and beehives in your backyard like they would if you were on an actual farm. Check into these things when making plans to make the best mini farm possible.


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