Sheep can be a great option as long as you have a little bit of space out in the country for the mini farming. They may be too loud to keep inside of town and some city ordinances may not be too fond of keeping these sheep around. But if you have a small little piece of land out in the country a little bit, perhaps a small amount of grass for one or two sheep to graze, you will find that these can be the perfect addition to your work.


Sheep are pretty easy to take care of. You can raise them completely on good grassland, when it is in season, without having to add in any supplemental grains, making them one of the most economical creatures that you can take care of. Once the adult ewe is ready to harvest, you will get a good 100 pounds of meat as well as 8 pounds of wool from every one. This means that just having a small herd of four or five could be enough to keep your family fed for the winter. And if you go with some of the European varieties of sheep you can even get some milk out of your sheep flock.


The caretaking for sheep can be minimal as well. You will need to take care to shorn them each year, and this does pose some problems if you want to produce a good fleece for spinning, and it does take some time and skill to learn. The equipment can be expensive to do this. If you want to have sheep on your mini farm, it may be best to hire a professional shearer to do the work for you. This can save you a lot of time and can keep costs down since you won?t have to purchase all the supplies for yourself.


For those sheep who are lambing, you will need to spend some extra time with them. This helps to keep the ewes healthy during the pregnancies and can ensure that the ewes are going to be assisted during labor and do a good job of watching after their lambs properly after birth.  You will also have to spend some special time watching the sheep as they are very timid and many predators like to go after them as easy prey.

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